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Thursday, October 6

a what?!

On a recent visit to our local craft store, this jar caught my eye...

Soon, possibilities were going through my mind...what to tuck inside? Halloween is coming, it could be filled with candy corn, or maybe tinted water to create a mad scientist's potion.

Then, upon closer inspection, I noticed the tag read this...

Alrighty then...how do people come up with these things?!

Anyway, I brought one home, promptly snipped off the tag, and turned it into a whimsical centerpiece for our table. The jar is filled to the brim with candy corn, then a votive holder and votive candle are tucked into the top of the jar.

As the seasons change, it'll be easy to fill the jar with something new...acorns and cinnamon sticks for Thanksgiving, tiny vintage ornaments for Christmas, or conversation hearts for Valentine's Day. It could also become a  Mason jar oil lamp in no time at all.

So, if you'd like to make your own Redneck Wine Glass , uh, Mason jar centerpiece, here's everything you'll need to get started:

*pint-size Mason jar
*glass candlestick
*E6000 glue
*120 grit sandpaper

Begin by sanding the bottom rim of the Mason jar and top rim of the candlestick; wipe to remove dust.
Place the jar upside down and apply glue on the sanded edges of the jar and candlestick. Set aside for about
2 minutes.

Carefully place the top of the candlestick on the bottom of the jar, making sure both are centered and level;
let dry 24 hours.

Let me know if you create your own...I'd love to see your ideas!


  1. You turned clever into downright adorable. I love how you can change it for the seasons. Thanks for the tutorial. Patty

  2. Recently at a rodeo charity auction that we attended, a set of 4 of those sold for over $75! They are cute.

  3. I think your use is way better! I love what you've done with it.

  4. Seen these and love them too. Yours is really cute! Need to getback n set up some fallfun 'round the farmhouse... Thanks for the inspiration!


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