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Thursday, October 13

a busy season...

As October ushers in the harvest, here's the view on our farm today...

Crisp weather, glorious colors, tangled bittersweet, and the scent of wood smoke mingle with the roar of combines, often working late into the night, harvesting the season's bounty.

Yes, October is here...a joyously busy time!


  1. Sounds and smells like the countryside around me lately! Between the potato harvest and the corn cutting there seems to be machinery running non stop! We had a first kind of brisk day... Fall may finally be here :)


  2. It is a busy time but it's a wonderful time to be outside and be able to breathe...not like those stuffy days of July. I couldn't imagine stacking wood in a heatwave. Oh boy!

    ...and it is all stacked by the way. Yay! : )


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