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Monday, October 17

the season's last county fair...

October has been glorious the last few days, and so our family enjoyed a day at the county fair.
Come along, I'll take you on a little tour!

We had to linger around the old tractors. There wasn't a 4020 in sight...but this will do
(Santa, are you reading?)

We saw prize-winning pumpkins of all shapes and sizes...

huge watermelons...

stacks of crisp, crunchy apples...

and of course, yummy food!

Old-fashioned buntings were displayed everywhere. That's just something I like about county fairs...
flags are proudly flying and folks are friendly. It's one of the joys of small towns...so many nice people.

After sampling the food, and seeing all the 4-H displays, it was time to visit the animals. I didn't take my camera into the animal barns...and now wish I had. While all the animals are such fun to see, when we walked into the sheep barn, I had to stop and stay at the pen of the sweetest little Suffolk sheep. 

Let me tell you, if I could have bought him on the spot and sneaked him back home I would have.
While some sheep let us  pet them, others were a little more distant, however; this fella in particular put his head in my hand while I scratched his chin. He closed his eyes, and I'm pretty sure a smile was creeping across his adorable little face.

The only thing that pulled me away from him was the fact that I was losing sight of my family. Little Man came back to find me...call me silly, but I had to wipe the tears out of my eyes.

Ah yes, this is the vision I want to see out my back door...

photo from:
USSA - United Suffolk Sheep Association
And so another county fair wraps up...they're always fun for our family, and something we look forward to each & every year. 

So, how are you spending these crisp, blue-skied days of autumn?

Happy Monday friends!


  1. Oh Mary -- I feel the same way about lambs and sheep. The fence around our 37 acres is delapidated and that's all that keeps me from having a field-full. There's something calming about seeing white sheep in a green pasture...I drive a few miles out of my way every once in a while to see a neighboring farm where there are rolling hills and giant oak trees and black and white sheep wandering the field. Think I was influenced by all those vintage pictures of Jesus with his flock when I was a little girl!

  2. Your blog is a sight to behold! So pretty! The fair pics just melted my heart. I do believe our nice days are over. Cold, wet and dreary out now - but good for hot tea, quilts and blogging! Great to visit you again.

  3. Thank you for taking us along with you! I feel as though I was at the fair with you...LOVE the old tractors and I know what you mean about country people being friendly. Oh goodness...that little place selling Stromboli got my mouth watering! Love the sheep..that was sweet about the little fellow putting his head in your hand as you scratched under his chin and also about your little one coming back to see where you were...how cute. Thanks for giving us a taste of what you enjoyed.
    Maura :)


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