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Wednesday, May 4

more apron love...

Our unusual May weather continues...there is a frost advisory for tonight, last week our compost bin was rolling around the backyard as the high wind warnings went out, and this week
roads are flooding and creeks are overflowing.

Needless to say, it's been too soggy to get outdoors except to chase the compost bin or "rescue" the kids. Last week they ventured a bit too far into a nearby cornfield. I heard them calling and ran over to find them, and their boots, firmly stuck in the mud and sinking deeper as they struggled to free themselves.
It was an adventure getting them out, and I'm happy to say, although it was close several times, we all managed to get out of the mud with out landing in it!

And so with all this rain, we've been spending time indoors.
I'm putting the last stitches in my chicken apron, just in time to run across what I thought was some of the prettiest fabric for another apron.

These photos are my inspiration...
I can't decide which I like best!

layers of ruffles...

love those "patches"

and what a handy pocket!

Once a few vintage buttons and colorful trims are added,
I'll have something new and whimsical to wear around the old farm. That's sure to make home keeping, feeding animals, and gardening a lot more fun...right?

I'll be smiling as I pull weeds, glistening (not sweating) in the summer sun, and singing through the days...yes, I'm sure of it!

So what do you think...which apron do you like best?


  1. They're all so sweet! They make me want to head to the closest thrift store to see what sort of fabric is on hand today. : )

    If I had to choose, my fave would be the first one...I may be swayed by how it looks with capris. Maybe....

  2. I love pockets. The Yellow fabric is my fav, but I'm partial to anything yellow. Have a good day.


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