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Tuesday, January 11

January's simple joys...

...fill your pantry with cocoa, marshmallows, brownie &
  cookie-baking supplies

...make snow angels, build a snowman or go sledding,
   then come inside for homemade tomato soup
   and grilled cheese sandwiches

...watch old movies and stay in your pajamas all day

...force hyacinths, daffodils, or tulips and enjoy
   their fragrance in winter

...build a fire in the fireplace and roast marshmallows

...make snow ice cream or snow cones

...let your kids snuggle in bed with you
   on a snowy morning

...fill bird feeders to overflowing

...make "real" hot cocoa and top it with whipped cream
   and chocolate shavings

...put an extra quilt on the bed, then settle in with a favorite book

...make memories


  1. I love your post. Thank you for making me and I'm sure many others smile!

  2. Thanks for reminding me that there are simple joys all around. My paperwhites are blooming...my bird feeders were filled Sunday evening before an 8 inch snowfall (very unusual in northern Mississippi)....simple things create such joy. Thanks for your lovely post, the smiles it brought and the warm thoughts it invoked.

  3. A perfect snowed-in list if I ever saw one:-)

    We've been enjoying several of these activities this week.


  4. Sounds like a perfect Jan. bucket list to me.


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