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Friday, January 14

a gift for sharing...

Last Sunday a sweet lady at church gifted me with this...

just because she was thinking of me.

She had taken the time to crochet a cotton washcloth...
just for me, wrapped it around a bar of soap, and topped her gift off with a bow. What a kind and thoughtful surprise.
Such a simple country pleasure...yes, a little pampering for me, but also a handmade gift from the heart.

In a world where most items are made overseas, it made me pause and be grateful for someone who took the time to create something with her hands. And whether a friend shares a jar of sweet homemade jam, a hand-crafted Advent calendar,
or hand-stitched tea towel, there's just something that touches my heart when we receive such gifts.

So the wheels began turning. Why not share some similar ideas here each week? Simple country pleasures...heartfelt gifts to give (or keep!)

Maybe, like this washcloth, it's something I've received, or like the Mason jar oil lamp from last Friday, it's something quick & easy to make.

My plans are that each Friday I'll share an idea I hope will inspire you to create your own simple country pleasures. And please...
feel free to share your ideas as well!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I love this idea and can’t wait to get your ideas. I do agree that personal little items like your gift above are so touching and meaningful and we need more of this in our world. Can’t wait :)


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