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Friday, January 21

a simple country pleasure...

These pretty clothespins would certainly make our laundry look nice blowing in the warm breezes. However; they were made to stay inside...anywhere I would need a paperclip.

to secure recipes...

or even as a bookmark.

They're so simple to make. Just remove the spring between each section of clothespin. Now paint the clothespins, and set aside to dry before putting the spring back in place.

You can also cut scrapbook paper to fit each clothespin. A light coat of decoupage medium or a glue dot runner on the wood will keep the paper secure. Once dry, you can seal the paint or paper with decoupage medium if you'd like.

Oh-so easy! I've used them as chip-clips, to secure notes to our calendar, and to hold photos in place on a chicken-wire frame. You can even glue a small magnet on the back to show off  kids' masterpieces on the refrigerator.

Now, when spring comes, we'll certainly see lines filled with billowing clothes, but for now, these clothespins will be working hard indoors.


  1. Too cute. Have a great day and weekend.

  2. I love these clothes pins--so cute. I want a bag of them!

  3. I love this! Maybe I can apply a water seal for outdoor use? : ) They're too cute to hide inside!


  4. Very cute! I'm going to have to try that.


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