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Monday, September 20

herb weaving...

Harvesttime is here, and both city and country kitchens are filled with the aromas of spicy tomato sauces, pickling spices, and fruity jams & jellies. Oh how good these homegrown foods will taste when the winter winds blow!

Today; however, I'm feeling the need to be creative. So this morning I gathered and washed bunches of rosemary, basil, sage, oregano, and thyme...I love to save summer's fragrant herbs for winter's soups, stews, and roasts. And since it's both pretty and practical, I save them in an herb weaving.

This herb weaving is oh-so easy to make, and hanging from a handy spot on a kitchen cupboard, herbs are right at my fingertips whenever I need them.

 If you'd like to make one, I'm guessing you already have all that you need...herbs, empty picture frame, scissors, twine, ruler, and 2 sticks the width of your frame.

To begin, knot the end of a length of twine on a corner of the frame, then begin wrapping the twine around the front and back of the frame. You'll need at least 6 lengths on both sides...you can always add more, but the number will need to be even. Knot the end at the frame's corner and cut the twine.

Weave the ruler over & under the twine and turn it on its side. This will create an opening and will be your guide for weaving. Slip one stick through the opening, push it up against the frame. Remove the ruler and weave it again, but this time in an opposite way. For example if you began with an over/under pattern to add the stick, this time you'll begin with an under/over pattern...you'll keep this going back & forth throughout the weaving.

 Now weave in the herbs...gently, but securely, push them up so they're snug against the row above. As herbs dry, they shrink...weaving them tightly will help keep them in place. You can also weave in flowers that dry well...globe amarath and sedum are very pretty and add a bit of color.

When you're weaving is complete, turn the frame over. Cut through the center of the loose lengths of twine on the back and gently remove the frame. You'll have at least 6 pairs of twine...one on each side of the stick. Pair one up from the front and back and knot securely. Continue with the remaining pairs along the bottom; repeat with the top pairs.

Yay, you're done! And don't let the lengthy instructions scare you off...it's really easy and you'll be done in no time at all! 


Verde Farm said...

That is just too pretty. I can almost smell it from here. Thanks for sharing--I want to try but I don't have the loom piece. I must get one.
Amy at Verde Farm

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

Amy, you can use any picture frame you have on hand...just slip the photo back in when your weaving is done!

Deb at Peterman Brook Herb Farm said...

What a great project Windy Meadows. I like the fact that it is inexpensive and uses items that most of us have around anyway. I am going to use this idea with my Herb Group.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

What an interesting idea! I've never seen this done before. I'll bet it smells heavenly.

Unknown said...

I really like this! So much so, I showed this post to my husband who suggested we try our hands at making our own this weekend. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks!


Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

What a WONDERFUL idea! I've got lots of frames and the sage and basil and parsley but no flowers to stick in there. Hm..maybe I'll use some dried flowers that I have tucked away for another use. I also have some dried corn husks that might work too What a great project to let your imatination go wild. Thank you for sharing this with us! Have a wonderful Sunday.
Maura :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a wonderful and beautiful (and practical) idea! Thank you for sharing, and my thanks to Andrea at RR as well for pointing me in your direction :) -Tammy

Jacqueline said...

Would you be willing to give me permission to use your photo of the sage weaving for a top photo with post title on Deep Roots at Home? I will link back to your post. It is lovely! If you would be so kind as to let me know as soon as it is convenient for you, I'd be grateful. Thanks!

Jacqueline said...

Please let me know if you would like me to take down the photo and the link back. Thank you :)

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