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Saturday, September 25

the Country Living Fair...

Ahhh yes, 98 degrees was registering on the truck thermometer when I dragged myself away from the Country Living Fair,
but it was worth every minute in the heat!

Filled with antiques, vintage collectibles, autumn whimsies,
and more goodies than I can possibly list...here are a few photos to give you a feel for all the fun!

noted as Indian temple doors

garden gatherings and handcrafted items

clever decorating ideas

retro kitchenware
two of my favorites together...
handmade quilts and oodles of watering cans!

simple, but oh-so pretty inspiration

There was a charming farmhouse garden selling heirloom seeds, as well as demonstrations in basket weaving, broom making, painting & distressing furniture, and paper making. I would definitely recommend you make a road trip if it's anywhere
close to you.

What did I bring home? Well, an old dough board and water trough were on my wish list, but they were not to be found. However I did find a new addition to my watering can collection and a giant bag of kettle corn was a hit with the kids!

Now, if I'd have only read the back of the brochure, I'd have known there was a porter service that would gladly deliver that
50-pound grinding stone to the truck. Sadly, I passed on it thinking I could never carry it the 1/2-mile to the parking lot. (And no, rolling it the entire way was not an option!)

Oh well, there's a barn sale next weekend...
maybe I'll find one there!


  1. How fun! I just got back from the fair myself. I thought it was suppose to be in the low 70's today and I didn't dress for the hotter temps. Had a great time. Going to do a post tomorrow myself. It was wonderful!
    Amy at Verde Farm

  2. Hello!
    Oh what a great time that must have been...wish we lived closer to that Fair. That's too bad you passed on the grinding stone...that would have been wonderful on your farm. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have fun at the barn sale next weekend!
    Maura :)

  3. Someday I hope to get to this fair. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures.

  4. I'm so sorry I missed it. I have been wanting to go for the past 3 years and something comes up every single year.


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