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Tuesday, August 24

first day of school...

and so the cycle continues...
day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year.

The first sight of school buses is gentle reminder that one season is slipping into the next. Summer's light takes on a coppery glow, and every now and then, we catch a gentle, cooling breeze from the north.

There is one county fair left to enjoy...it has a huge train layout that Little Man circles for what seems like hours. We'll laugh on the rides, enjoy the food, linger over the blue ribbon entries,
and come home exhausted. We'll savor it all...the winding down
of summer and preparing for autumn.

And so, on this first day the house is quiet...close to absolute, broken only by the chirping crickets heard through the
screen doors.

I'm sure in time my "worker-bee" agenda will kick in and
I'll be cleaning closets, drawers, and barns.

But for today, I'm baking their favorite cookies
and waiting for 3 o'clock.

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