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Friday, August 6

the dog days of summer...

Here in the Midwest, our mornings are hot and muggy.
Each day we wake to find a haze has settled over the fields, only to be burned off by the heat of the morning sun. Somewhere in the distance are rumblings of thunder, but the much-needed rain  passes us by. There’s a constant hum of cicadas, and although there is much to be done, we seem to move in slow motion.

Yet, however sweltering August may be, it is also rich in garden bounty…tomatoes, peppers, sweet corn, cucumbers, green beans, peaches, cherries, and new potatoes. A trip to the farmers’ market last Saturday found me coming home with an overflowing bag of pickling cucumbers. Now, at day’s end,
faint traces of ginger, cloves, vinegar, and garlic linger in the kitchen from the morning’s canning.

As evening approaches, we’re ready to settle in…there’s the sound of thunder moving closer, and the doves are cooing softly.

I think we’ll make homemade ice cream tomorrow…a simple summertime pleasure we look forward to. I want us to enjoy every minute of every day, because although these summer days can seem endless, there’s a sense that they are numbered.
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