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Monday, January 18

taking down the Christmas tree...

Does anyone actually enjoy taking down the Christmas tree? It's hard to gather any enthusiasm about the undecorating. Still beautiful (a concolor white fir will stay fresh for many weeks)  we jokingly ponder leaving it up year 'round. In February, we could add Valentine ornaments, only to replace them with Easter bunnies. Come July we'd move on to flags, then add pumpkins in October, and finally circle back around to Christmas.

Hmmm, maybe a change of attitude? This year, as we remove the ornaments and tuck them safely away, it's a fine time for reflection.

one brought back from a honeymoon in Hawaii

a pickle ornament reviving an old German custom

one from a dear friend

the summer our son couldn't eat enough watermelon

and our daughter's love of buttery popcorn

however, the best-loved ones are made by little hands,

always to be cherished

And as the last ornament is packed away, it's a perfect time to think about this new year and what we'll do with the time ahead.

Yes, please bless our friends & family...and this farm.


Jen M. said...

I must be the one strange person in the world who enjoys "deChristmasing" as I call it. I love a clean slate and the fresh start of a new year, and having all of the clutter gone! Loved seeing all of your ornaments. :)

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

I know! I, too, hate the task of "un-decorating". It's not just the WORK it involves, but the sadness that the festivities are over (and that I'm another year older!) I think you're on the right track, though...taking it as a quite time to reflect. (p.s. I think keeping the tree up year-round is a GREAT idea! Personally, Halloween is my favorite anyway...why not have a Halloween tree?!)

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