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Thursday, January 7

those three little words...

Winter Weather Advisory

Our weather radio blasts out the warning of several inches of snow, plummeting temperatures and cutting winds. Ahhh, music to my ears. It wouldn't bother me one bit to be snowed in. Our old farmhouse, built around 1864, has seen and weathered many snowstorms. She'll turn her back to the winds and weather this one just fine.

We've stacked wood by the back porch, so if the power should go out, we can keep warm and put our hearth cooking skills to good use. Having been described as "fiercely independent" seems to be a most positive trait in a time such as this.

The kids, hoping for a snow day from school tomorrow, had a teacher tell them this: If you put your pajamas on backward, go outside after dark, and dance in the snow, there's sure to be a snow day the following morning. Hmmm, has anyone else heard of this?

I can only say with certainty, our kids will be testing this theory before bedtime. So, as the wind frosts the windowpanes tonight, we're snuggled in safe and warm...soon to be dancing outside in our backward pajamas!


cupcake studio said...

Let me know how that backwards pj's thing works out :) Stay cozy!

Margaret said...

Yes, the snow dance! Our kids performed it many times over the years. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I think from what I've heard you did get snow, though, didn't you? Hmmm...I wonder if it works in reverse. I might try it when the Wisconsin winter gets long and I've been snowed in for too long!

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

This is FANTASTIC! Praise to whatever eccentric teacher told them this fabulous fable. This is the kind of thing a kid will grow up and remember, "hey remember that time we put on our pjs backward and went and danced in the snow at night so we'd get a snow day the next day?!" "yeah, can you believe it really WORKED! crazy!" I love those kind of memories. And hats off to you for being the kind of mom who has the foresight enough to let them do it! Some moms would be too uptight ("no, you need to go to bed!" or "no, you'll catch cold!) So what if they catch a little cold...it will pass the memories are there for a lifetime! Yay you!

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