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Saturday, February 26

a quick hello...

Watching all that is happening in the world this week, anything I have to say seems trivial. 

It is heartbreaking to see, and unsettling to ponder.

With that said, this post is short & sweet...from our house to yours,
a quick hello in 4's...

February weather:

snow, heavy frost, flooding, ice storms...

February kitchen: 

quick breads, cookies, pasta sauce, apple pie... 

February faces:

GB, Bailey & Azzie (why yes, that is a hoodie Bailey's wearing!)

February favorites

handed-down recipes, an old teacup, vintage blue cupboard/drawers
(in our barn, but really, I'm thinking it needs to come inside), handwritten recipe cards...

And so that's a quick hello from "our neck of the woods" as they say...hope all is well where you are. Take time to settle in and enjoy the weekend.


  1. Sweet pics of the pups. I am also heartbroken over Ukraine. Praying this ends soon. Yummy on all of the food! Ugh on the ice and hoping Spring comes soon. Janice

  2. Thanks Janice - blessed with sweet critters inside and out. The cold weather has found me cooking/baking lots - back to the Y for me to walk the treadmill or I'll be sorry! Take care, Mary

  3. Looking at your weather, you will be glad when summer arrives again. Your apple pie has made me drool - it is a long time since I tasted a proper apple pie! Mxx

  4. You certainly have some cute pups and the old teacup was a delight to see. The ice however whilst making stunning photos does not appeal. Take care.

  5. Margaret, I'm only happy in Fall, not too hot, not too cold! The winter ice is always the most worrisome...tricky to walk on and it can weigh down power lines and tree branches. Sounds like there's an apple pie in your future! We had so many apples, I made and froze pie filing like crazy, and have them stored in the fridge too...it's a good the goats love apple slices! Mary

  6. Thanks, Mama...we love Bailey...a former stray (she was hiding in the barn) she's a sweet, gentle, dog - I don't know how anyone could have ever dropped her off without a thought. I'm hoping they knew we would take care of her...she has never growled or nipped at anyone. She snuggles in as close as possible-a true sweetheart who seems to be thankful to have a home.

    The teacup belonged to my mother-in-law...it's tiny, only holding 1/3 cup of liquid. I keep it in the sugar jar as a scoop; sweet memories and too pretty to hide away. And that ice...oh yes, so pretty, and I've been lucky so far to not have fallen on it...uh oh, I probably just jinxed myself! Mary

  7. A heartbreaking and unsettling time indeed.

    Our ice is finally melting - hoping yours is as well. And hoping you finally have your furnace up and running! Your photos are just beautiful. And YES, that beautiful blue cupboard/drawers must find its way inside. 😊

    Aren't handwritten recipe cards just the best? I love everything about them - the recipe, the memories tied to it, the bits of food that you may see traces of, how worn each of them is, and of course the handwriting itself.

    Bailey looks so sweet. I'm guessing she is one grateful pup to have found her way into your home and hearts.

    Have a wonderful week!

  8. Staci - yes, the ice is slowly melting, leaving oodles of mud behind. And so it goes!

    YES the furnace is running as of Thursday night - oh joy, rapture! 3 weeks without it, paired with no heat the month of December, what an adventure it's been. The propane supplier never did deliver propane...long story, I'll write about it soon.

    I love the recipe cards too...I used my grandmother's to make pickles this past summer, it brought back so many wonderful memories. And you're right, I always assume that a recipe card or page in a cookbook that's splattered means it was a recipe that was made often and was a winner! Mary


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