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Thursday, May 6

Today it was 32 degrees when Bailey and I took our first walk outside. There was a foggy mist across the fields paired with a glittering frost on the grass. In our part of the Midwest we continue to swing between t-shirt weather and sweatshirt weather...the latter making spring chores so much easier. I am most definitely a sweatshirt gal...the heat and humidity of summer make me cranky, even when I start garden chores early in the morning, I'm often stopping to splash my face, or sometimes dunk my entire head, into a cold spray of water from the hose. While it certainly cools me off, it's not a pretty sight...luckily for me, the animals don't mind and I've had no early morning visitors!

Today's post is a short one; just a little walk around the farm on this fine day.

grateful for perennials returning, 


and for candy onions popping up.


grateful for a shady spot to rest,  

and a wagon-full of hostas shared by a neighbor.

Lastly, had for a song (and some may say, "I can see why!" because not everyone loves old and worn) a little picket fencing by the chicken coop. I've been wanting a little section here for ages and this just makes me smile.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less traveled by.
And that has made all the difference."
-Robert Frost, 
The Road Not Taken


Prims By The Water said...

I am a sweatshirt gal myself. Still sweatshirt weather here and still need the turn the furnace up at night. Our blooms are starting to pop out. Love your pretty flowers! Janice

Staci said...

The photos are stunning! So much beauty to enjoy. I am not a heat and humidity fan either. The wagon is adorable and oh how I enjoy hostas. I ADORE that little picket fence by the coop. It's the sweetest little thing ever. Wishing you a wonderful end of the week and weekend!

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Janice - we had to order more propane it was so chilly! Even with all the cold, the flowers seem to be flourishing...yours will be beautiful as well!
Have a good weekend!

Staci - Awww, thanks for liking my picket fence! It's solid, but looks like it's had a hard life. I was going to paint it, but then thought, nah...leave it as it is and coat it with a little water seal. Thank you for the good weekend wishes...I'm off to look at a rusty stock tank I'd like to fill with sunflowers...yes, old treasures! Enjoy your weekend as well!

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