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Thursday, January 28

holidays, hearts & homespun recipes

On days when the wind is howling and snowflakes are falling, it's blissfully cozy to be inside sitting by a fire. It feels safe in the warmth of an old farmhouse, and it's the perfect time to plan & dream.

Have you noticed that cheery Christmas lights on homes and sparkling trees in front windows are staying around much longer than usual? Maybe it's the craziness of 2020 that's made us all want to hang onto the magic of the holidays a bit longer...and that's just fine by me. 

Truly, is there anyone who enjoys taking down the Christmas tree? I always find it a bit sad tucking away sentimental and favorite decorations...

made by little hands,

and given by good friends.

However; this little Santa never gets packed away, I keep him out to help remind me to try and hold onto the spirit of Christmas every day.  

See that little heart-shaped rock by his boots?

My son had put it on a tiny snowman last month, and there was no way I was
going to let it get away, so inside it came!

Soon I began noticing more hearts...

in a parking lot, 

and in a driveway.

Maybe a little reminder that Christmas isn't the only time for open hearts.

This month I've been busy doing my "Not" Spring cleaning, "Not" because we all know that if we wait until it's really Spring, it's much too late to deep clean. By then it's time to weed, till, prune, plant, paint, mulch & mow...our lives shift to soaking up the sun and jumping into outdoor chores that need doing.

During all my cleaning, I sorted through oodles of cookbooks I'd collected over the years...some I donated, but some were just too sweet to let go:

along with a recipe box that belonged to my mother-in-law...what a treasure to have her handwritten favorites.

There is also a recipe book that was sold blank to be filled with a homemaker's tried & true recipes...

take a look inside and you'll see recipes like Snowflake Cake and Tomato Relish making this book a keeper, too. There's no date written in it, but there is a tiny newspaper clipping dated 1949 tucked between the pages.

So with all of these vintage recipes, I began thinking I just had to give them a try, and they deserve a chance to be prepared in Mae, our 1950 stove! And because people ask, yes, she's doing great. She runs a little on the warm side, so I adjust recipes, but she's still cute to me...

with her little salt & pepper shaker,


and colorful "talking" buttons.

Now, with my old cookbooks in hand, my plan is to whip up one of their recipes every week or two and share the results with you...who knows, maybe we'll all rediscover a recipe our families will love!


Staci said...

Such a sweet post. There are a handful of homes around us that kept their lights up. I agree that I think it's because it's such a challenging time. Any little things that bring ourselves and others a smile is so important right now. The cookbooks are beautiful. I have a soft spot for them as well.
My mother didn't have a collection of recipes but I know she did have some written out. I wish now I'd found them before her passing. Just for her handwriting alone - it was beautiful. And Mae - she looks amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!

Laurie said...

A few years ago, I decided to keep twinkly lights up all year, to bring cheer. Especially now, I believe most of us can use all the cheer we can get. I have just a few written recipes from my Mom and grandmother, which are pretty special.

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Staci - you're absolutely right...whatever little thing that lightens our hearts is so important. I remember in a college class the professor told us each room in our home should have something in it that makes us smile; good to remember. And thanks, Mae just barely fits (the kitchen door brushes past her!), but someday...when I get a new kitchen, she'll be the star!

Laurie - I love the idea of twinkle lights year 'round, I'm sure they're so beautiful! And you know you gave me an idea...the few handwritten recipes I have I should scan and save, then print out to share. Too special to be lost.

Kristin said...

Oh how sweet this is! I love good vintage finds. I have my grandmother's cookbook, although most of her recipes were never written down. My cousin and I have been exchanging text messages about this. She (my cousin) is looking for one of our grandmother's recipes and unfortunately we don't think she ever wrote it down. But I do have some of my grandmother's recipes.

I also just put up some heart decorations. It such a nice change when it's still cold and snowy out..just looking at those pink or red hearts against the grey, dull, snowy background. I love how you found hearts in the most unusual places.

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Kristen - thanks for your note! I remember best my grandmother's rolls and bread...but like you, no one has the original recipes. I just think she didn't write them down...a pinch of this, dash of that back in those days. I'm happy to look through the vintage books I have if you want to let me know what you're looking for...just maybe a similar recipe is jotted down, especially in the handwritten cookbook.

And the hearts...such fun to discover! Good that you've put some up to cheer the snowy days. We're expecting 8 inches of snow tonight...fingers crossed!

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