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Thursday, October 31

the end of October...

Glowing pumpkins, a cracking fire, autumn squash soup simmering on the stove, and the aroma of spicy pumpkin bread...somehow, these comforts of home help to take the chill out a fiercely blowing wind that's rattling the farmhouse windows. This would be the same wind that my son and I lost a tug-of-war battle with as we tried to keep a tarp on our our camper. After several tries, it was clear we were on the losing side. Oh well...it's time for Maizy to have a long winter's nap in the barn anyway.

Where did the time go? 

From planting...

to harvest...

to fall barn sales...


and pumpkin picking.

The days are dark by about 6:30 now, and our goats and chickens are ready to be tucked in early...it's almost as if they can tell the hard work of both summer and harvest is over, and now is a time for slowing down. With Mother Nature letting us know that winter will soon be here, it's a good feeling to have over 100 bales of hay stacked in the barn and another cord of firewood delivered this week.

And now, in a flurry of what I can only call November-itis, I'm making plans for the seasons. I'm a born list-maker, and so lists are being made, revised, scratched out, rewritten, and then posted on the fridge. I have a few more outdoor to-do's before the snow flies, and oodles of indoor to-do's...does it ever really end?!

Before it's time to call it a day, I decide to toss another log on the sputtering fire to keep it going just a little longer. I love a fire...not only does it keep my toes toasty, but it gives this old farmhouse a warm & cozy feeling.

Sure, we all have things on our wish-lists  (anyone else dreaming of a '63 Chevy Impala?) but autumn seems to bring with it a peaceful feeling of home & family. And as Linus would say, "That's what it's all about..."

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