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Sunday, October 6

a change in the weather!

A quick farm update...

The weather Friday was perfect...it was one of those days I love! The temperature was 48 degrees on the drive to school and only 52 while I was doing outside chores. The sky was a pretty robin's egg blue dotted with clouds, and there was a cool breeze from the north. I spent the afternoon with Henry James playing in the background (take a listen here  - I liked it long before the movie!)  and now that it's not too hot to heat up the kitchen, I decided it was a good day to try a new bread recipe.

In the evening I went to the best farm show with dear friends, The Domestic Goddess Society as we call ourselves. We love all things old, vintage, primitive, retro & antique. It's great to find such kindred spirits! 

The last of the corn and soybeans have been taken from the fields and we're settling in here for the season...132 bales of hay were delivered yesterday (perfect weather...how lucky!), we've stacked a cord of firewood, with more to come, Concord grapes just arrived for making jam, and there's a few odds & ends on my honey-do list to wrap up over the next weeks. Finally...it feels like fall, and who would believe it was 93 degrees earlier in the week?

October...time to fetch a plump pumpkin, take a hayride, enjoy cider, apples, doughnuts, bonfires, Friday high school football games, tailgates with the band, the last county fair, and the harvest moon. 

What a beautiful time of year...yes, the seasons of life are fine indeed.


  1. Hope you had fun at the show! Janice

  2. Thanks for the good wishes Janice - I did, I brought home a bird feeder, I'll post a photo soon. Always looking for something unique to put outdoors!


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