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Tuesday, April 10

a frosty morn...

Why yes, farmers do sit around and talk about the weather...as do farmGIRLS!

Around here, the weather has been incredible for the last week...

Monday...4-1/2 inches of snow, 
it was so beautiful, fluffy and thick. I was disappointed
my camera just couldn't capture all that my eyes were seeing.

Barn cats can be found snuggling in their little red house under the mulberry tree.

Our clothesline...just waiting for quilts and warm breezes.

Tuesday...2-1/2 inches of rain,
I did not venture outside for photos of this downpour...it was a day best enjoyed with a steaming mug of chamomile tea and a good book.

Yesterday brought light snow that fell all day and was oh-so pretty. 
But today, we woke up to the lovely hoar frost covering everything it could land on. Every surface filled with sharp spikes, but so delicate at the same time.
This frost is always a treat to see, as it seldom visits unless conditions are
just right.

frost on a gate...

on the handle of a pump...

and this just made me giggle...frost on the toes of our angel weathervane!

And so that's the weather in our little corner of the Midwest;
they say Friday it will be in the 70's...ha, let's just wait and see!

So, how is the weather in your part of the world?!

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  1. ...what fabulous frost images, it's been cold here, but I rarely such beautiful sights. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your week.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It's been a long time since we've had this kind of frost...somehow it always seems paired with heavy fog and below freezing temperatures. So glad we enjoyed it before winter is over!

  2. Frost sure can be beautiful. The pump brought back a long ago memory of a dare and a tongue. :)

    1. uh oh, it sounds like there's more to the story!

  3. Hoar frost is gorgeous, isn't it? I haven't seen any in a long, long time.
    And a clothesline! I wanted one when we moved into this house, but apparently there's a municipal bylaw prohibiting them. So disappointed at the time, but now my arms and especially my hands might not like hanging things out...!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

    1. It is pretty...and always a surprise when we find it. Rules against clotheslines...as my daughter would say, "hogwash!" I'd probably try and sneak one in somewhere...truly, not a bad thing as long as folks aren't hanging "everything" on the line! Sheets, towels, quilts are so crisp and the scent is so sweet. Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

  4. Oh the beauty of a deep frost! And, oh the glory of unpredictable Spring weather! You helped me remember a day in early May when our ewes started lambing. The fields were green with new grass one day and then a hard frost hit the next night... along with about a dozen newborn lambs! We brought them in the house, warmed them up and returned them all to their mothers by lunchtime! Didn’t lose one. Very satisfying to see them recover and flourish. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Any chance this is Ellen from Utah...just checking! I would loved to have seen all the newborns in the house (and I can guarantee you our kids (me, too!) would have wanted to lend a hand keeping them warm. What great memories and what a kind heart you have.

    1. You recognized me!! ��. I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing through your photographer’s eye. You are able to capture the details of life and nature that so often go unnoticed yet so greatly touch the soul. I love it!! Thank you for sharing all of it!

    2. Oh good, so glad it's you!! Your family will always hold a special place in our hearts...wish you lived closer. Thanks for your kind words...and for taking the time to see what we're up to.

  6. Oh, my, what fabulous images!! The frost is gorgeous and I love the clothesline shot. As pretty as it is, I hope spring arrives soon for you :)

    1. Well the tale the old-timers tell that there will be 3 snows after the forsythia bloom, is absolutely true! To date, there have been 3 snows...and right now it is 73 degrees...truly amazing. I'm not ready though...spring cleaning is still in full swing inside!


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