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Sunday, November 6

life is short...learn to fiddle!

Yes, we all know time flies...somehow the days turn into weeks, the weeks to months, and the months to years. And although many years have passed (I'm not saying how many!) I've never lost my desire to learn to fiddle.

See this?

smaller image of violin

This is a violin made in 1890 - yes, 126 years ago. I love anything old, so when the chance came along to make this mine, I was oh-so tempted. But first, I had it looked over from top-to-bottom. It had already been given new strings and a new bridge, so I took it to someone who could play...ahhh, how he made it sing!

I was sold, and so it came home with me.  That was May, so it's been six months...and while it doesn't always "sing" for me, it's a step toward one of my dreams. I'm polishing up old tunes such Amazing Grace, Red River Valley, Old Joe Clark, Come, Come Ye Saints, Lead Kindly Light, and Ashokan Farewell. 

Yes, most days when I play I still hear the dreaded squeaks and squawks from either too much or too little bow pressure. But some days, when I have the pressure just right, it does "sing." That just makes me want to learn more! I'm practicing daily and looking forward to a "jam session" with a young friend who loves the fiddle as much as I do.

And so today's post is short and sweet...time does fly, so do what you love, you're never too old to learn something new!


Anonymous said...

Inspiring! I've always wanted to play the guitar, yet too fidgity to learn haha! Sometime you will have to make a post with audio embedded so we can hear your sweet music!

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Thanks for your kind words...don't give up on that guitar! Trust me, I'm far from perfect, and to be honest, I'm playing by ear most of the time. Go for it...you'll be surprised how well you'll do because it's something that's always been a dream. Practice won't seem like a chore...you'll be thrilled to see what you can accomplish!

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