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Friday, October 21

October magic...

The weather is crisp and the colors glorious...it's a fine time for a fall picnic and a hike in the woods. It's October! And my affection for this month goes beyond simple preference. 

I love the russet, gold, and crimson leaves and the sight of tangled bittersweet.
I love the scent of woodsmoke from the season's first fire.
I love hayrides, barn dances, and carving a plump pumpkin.

The shortened days seem to quickly drift into evening shadows filled with an autumn chill. We find it's time to slip on a cozy sweater, prepare a pot of simmering stew, and lay an extra quilt at the foot of each bed.

Not long ago, the early summer days melted into even hotter ones, so I welcome fall...soon we'll be in the icy grip of winter, but I'm shrugging that thought off!

Ahh...days aglow with brilliant hues and nights illuminated by the harvest moon. Let's slow down and take time to savor the sights, sounds, and aromas that mark the changing of seasons.

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