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Wednesday, March 2

simple country pleasures...

This little light came together in under 5 minutes...seriously, and I had everything on hand.   
I love little "what if I tried this?" moments! 

Take one metal chick feeder, a vintage canning jar, and an electric light...

A little nudge and the chick feeder will separate easily...center the light on the bottom of the feeder, slip the electric cord through one of the openings, and put the feeder back together.

Twist the canning jar in place...and ta-da!

I added some rosehips and dried orange peel in the openings and set it on a little table. Definitely the quickest how-to I've done in ages!

Happy day!


  1. A very clever & pretty little light! Thanks for sharing !

  2. Mary, love this light! Might be copying it for the cabin......


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