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Monday, June 1

It's a mad, mad month!

May is always a madcap month! As it is for most parents, it's is filled with end-of-year concerts, recitals, parties, walking tours, and awards nights. May found me desperately trying to keep up with the usual domestic goddess chores, paired with gardening and substitute teaching - this gal is ready for a break! 

 Anyway, in the middle of all madness, can be found one of the sweetest sounds of spring... "peep, peep!" 

Look at that little face-it's as if she has eyeliner on!

We started calling her Cleopatra, but now I'm leaning toward Talulah...who knows what we'll decide on. One gal looks as though she's wearing a mask, and so Little Man has named her Bandito!

In time, these 6 new chicks, Araucanas and Brahmas, will be joining our little flock. I just can't wait to see the blue-green eggs!

Hope all is well...more to share next time. Stories of a goat the vet says is a miracle, and a baby kitten who needed a home.

Happy June!

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