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Saturday, November 8

a newspaper Christmas tree?

Now, I'm an old-fashioned gal when it comes to Christmas decorating.  I love the fragrance of a real fir tree, the sentimental way handed-down ornaments bring back sweet memories, and the primitive look of cranberry garlands.

I will wade through the snow and wander back and forth in an effort to find the "perfect tree" (which usually ends up being the first one we looked at...you know, the one way down at the bottom of the hill...the one my husband is "guarding" until I come to realize what he already knows.)

However; as I was leaving our local craft supply store, this tree caught my eye...

How clever!

It's made of rolled newspaper that's been tucked into a cone of chicken wire, then given a bit of color with a spritz of spray paint, and finished off with glittering poinsettias tucked here and there...wow!

Thanks to those creative folks at Pat Catan's for their inspiration!

Okay, who's up for a weekend project?!


  1. Mary, I walked right by that display today and didn't even notice the tree! I'll have to make another trip to check it out. I did notice the lovely fireplace though...........

  2. How cute is that!!! Very creative of them to come up with this, love it!


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