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Tuesday, October 28

barn sales - gotta love 'em!

I was lucky enough to visit a terrific barn sale a few weeks ago - it was overflowing with the most clever, creative, amazing things! From vintage to primitive to shabby chic...

since I couldn't take you along, I just had to share a few snapshots!

Ooo-la-la lights in the barn!


I WILL be making one of these lights...how clever!


That last photo...words to LIVE by!
So...what October joys are to be found where you are?


  1. oh MY!! you had me at "barn sale." ;) Lots of visual treats there.. thanks for sharing! -Tammy

  2. Yes, you were lucky to attend one! I see these all over the place... except around here. =[ This looks like a terrific place to shop!


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