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Friday, December 6

there's a change in the weather...

Yesterday it was 70 degrees when I drove the kids to school...
no kidding, 70 degrees!

This morning, we found Mother Nature had played a trick on us...what a change!
Take a look around the farm...there's snow everywhere!

A snow-covered chicken coop ready for Christmas...

The Goat Barn sports a cheery wreath...after all, it is the boys' first Christmas!


Our dinner bell has two little icicles...and if the weatherman is right, it sounds like there's more ice on the way.

But that's okay...we're warm & cozy. There's a crackling fire in the fireplace, a Dutch oven on the stove bubbling away with chili, cornbread in the oven, kids giggling (and still in their jammies!), and Christmas music in the air.

So it's a happy Friday...this little fella says it all: 

Hooray for Snowy Days!



  1. Sounds great, glad you all are snug. Have a good weekend. Pictures look so nice.

    1. Thanks Ginny...you're comments are always so nice. Hope all is cozy too where you are! -Mary

  2. Such lovely pictures! Stay warm and cozy!

  3. Thanks so much...there's a delay from school today, so it's definitely snowy out there, but warm in here. Sooo glad for firewood and a full propane tank!


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