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Friday, November 1

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I have a feeling, that this isn't far away...

The sun is shining, but it's not fooling me...the wind from the north is icy. It's downright winter coat, fuzzy mittens, wooly scarf-wearing weather!

The Farmer's Almanac says to expect a "bitter cold" winter...
friends, I do believe it's on the way.


  1. I have been holding off reading the almanac for our weather in PA, maybe Winter weather won't come if I don't think about it :-). Have a great weekend.

    1. I say we hunker down with a crackling fire and classic movie, and maybe we won't even notice it! Not likely, I imagine...the wind was so cold today and it came with rain...brrr!

  2. It certainly is pretty. Stay warm.

    1. Oh I do love winter...it's so pretty and I like the feeling of just snuggling inside for weeks and weeks. Good books, old movies, knitting, fire in the fireplace, comfort food. We feel ready...plenty of firewood, plenty of hay and animal feed, and adding the final items to food storage inventory. I'm ready for a break from the summertime chores! -Mary


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