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Wednesday, June 5

garden whimsy...

Some spots in our our flower gardens just need a little pop of color. The flowerbeds on the west side of our house, which should have lots of cheery afternoon sun, are in heavy to dappled shade from 3 very old, very tall maple trees.

Now while that makes the house much cooler on those hot summer days, it makes planting colorful flowers somewhat hard on that side. Hostas are thriving, but nothing else seems to, and I'd really like a bit more color.

And so, here's a fuss-free, no-weed solution...

What do you think?

It's oh-so easy to make...you can have your own in no time at all. You'll need four mismatched plates of different sizes, a little glass bottle (you can find them at your local craft shop), a 20" length of rebar from the home improvement store, and a tube of permanent adhesive (Quick Grip is my favorite...it's water and weather-proof.)

Set aside the largest plate, right-side up...this will the bottom of your stack of plates. Making sure each plate is dry, begin with the next smallest plate and run a bead of adhesive along the underside. 

Center it on the large plate you've set aside. Continue layering the remaining two plates the same way, until all 4 are glued together. Set them aside to completely dry for 24 hours.

Once the stack is dry and secure, gently turn it upside down and center your glass bottle on the back of the largest plate like this...

and let set for 24 hours...just to be certain it will be strong.

Here's the fun part, find a spot in your garden that needs some color, and pound the rebar into the ground, leaving several inches showing. Turn the stack of plates so the bottle opening is facing down, and slip it over the rebar.

You may have to adjust the height of the rebar a few times to get it just right, but that's easy.

And you're done...

stand back and admire your creativity!

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