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Wednesday, June 12

4-H llama time!

When we see this rolling field,

 and the cupola with a distinctive llama at the top...

we know we're getting close to the llama farm! Both our kids are in 4-H, and will be
taking llamas to the county fair for showing...there's just something about
these quiet, and yes, humming animals, they have always loved.

And since we don't have llamas of our own, we're fortunate enough to have found a club that has a terrific Lease-a-Llama program...it works out perfectly!

The warm weather has found us at the farm lately for practices and meetings, and yesterday we were greeted with lots of friendly faces enjoying the springtime sunshine...

along with week-old babies...

and this sweet one-day-old, who was staying very close to mama...

There are lots of things I like about 4-H, and the pledge sums them up best:

logo source: www.caes.uga.edu

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