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Friday, May 24

springtime & May...

During this merry month of May, it's been a joy to putter in flower gardens, listen to the buzzing of bees, and wake to songbirds greeting each new day.

What a lovely feeling to walk barefoot on the cool morning grass along a well-worn path leading to sun-dappled spot just made for relaxing in. My favorite place to sit has two vintage chairs just waiting for me. You know the kind of chairs I mean...the springy ones from the 50's that gently bounce back & forth. Oh, how I love them!

May is also the ideal time to plan a vegetable garden...at least here in the Midwest. Our last predicted frost date is May 15, and after the long, cold winter we've just experienced, friends & neighbors are happy to let the memory of those bitter winds steadily fade.

Not far from home, there's a small family-owned nursery, and then down the road a bit more, is a Mennonite farmstand that sells seedlings and potted plants. It's always fun to look over the plant names and choose something new to try each year. Sitting in a row with my usual finds are some new tomato names...Black Cherry and Marglobe.  My goal is to get them all tucked into the garden this weekend, then enjoy watching them grow under the warmth of the sun and the cooling of the spring rains.

Spring is also a terrific time for hitting the antiques trail! There are some great barn sales and flea markets popping up now, and the little shops along our town square are filled with great finds. I came across a stack of the prettiest mismatched plates, along with some flowery teacups & saucers. With the help of some Quick Grip permanent adhesive, I plan to created a bit of whimsy for our flower garden. (Will show you this weekend!)

And so it is spring...soon to officially become summer, and it invites us to spruce up our nests both inside and out. These fine days and simple pleasures lighten our spirits...and beneath these blue skies, country living is bliss.


  1. It is all so wonderful to ! Last weekend was a long weekend for us here and Papa and I spent two days planting all our flowers in the gardens and planters . We have gone from summer like weather to fall like weather today windy and chilly . I hope all my flowers will be ok in this chilly air ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good long weekend !

    1. And would you believe it...as soon as I'm getting into this warm weather, we have a freeze warning for tonight! I guess it's a good thing I delayed in getting our vegetable garden in. Out with the sheets tonight to try and save the flowers already in bloom! Sounds like you're getting this chilly weather too!

  2. PS...a neighbor had asked if sheets over the little fruit trees would really help. While probably not the warmest solution, they were light enough to not break branches and still keep the frost off. Now, a few weeks later, we're getting our first fruit on those trees...yay!


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