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Monday, May 13

petal to the metal...uh, dirt that is

It was a lovely weekend here in the Midwest, and we all enjoyed the breezy, sunshiny, blue-skied days of spring.

For Mothers' Day this year, I was gifted with a full-of-fun, made-me-smile retro-style bike!

It's just what I need...a good old-fashioned bike with no speedy gears or handlebar breaks.
The perfect bike to get me from here to there.

There's a handy spot in the back to hold a little picnic basket, 

And, surprise...a pop bottle opener along the side! It'll be perfect when it's time for an icy bottle of root beer, orange cream, or grape soda while biking along the country roads.

Now don't get me wrong...I still love my good old 1955 Cadillac bike (it's the green one along the left sidebar with flowers in the basket), and it's just right when I'm out on my own.

However; throw two energetic kids into the mix for a bike ride, and I need something just a bit more updated...but then, not too much. 

I took her for a spin last evening with the kids...and would you believe, in May, that we were bundled up in sweaters, sweatshirts, and gloves? There was an icy breeze blowing and even a freeze warning for our area!

And so it goes...the ups & downs of springtime.

Happy Monday to all!


  1. Oh she is a beauty ! What a lovely gift ! Don't see these kind of vintage bikes around to often ! It has been chilly here to with frost warnings , mother nature has done a dirty on us for a bit to ! But they say it is to be back as it should be in a day or two ! Thanks for sharing . Have a fun with your new ride !

    1. Thanks Country Gal...I've got to get some exercise somehow, and this seemed like the best way! Oh still chilly here too...had a bonfire tonight, can you believe it? Roasted hotdogs, made s'mores...it feels like fall!


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