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Friday, March 15

pi day & other silliness...

So, did you have a happy Pi day?! 

Since yesterday was Pi day (3.14159254!) we decided to have a bit of fun.
On the dinner menu was...

Shepherd's Pie
Quiche (the kids have always called it Egg Pie), 
Apple Pie, and 
Moon Pies. 

It was just plain silly...exactly what the day called for!

Apple Pi Pie!

And so with St. Patrick's Day coming up, we'll have the usual fare...a pot of Irish Stew, Colcannon, and Irish Soda Bread. I'll even whip up something silly like Emerald Green Shakes and Leprechaun Brownies.

While we always have a treasure hunt, this year I also decided to add a little surprise beside each place setting...a St. Patrick's Day Party Cracker.

These are oh-so easy to make. Simply save a few cardboard tubes, then fill with gold chocolate coins. You could also add lots of St. Patrick's Day trinkets inside, or anything with a bit o' Irish green! 

A trip to your local craft store will provide lots of inspiration, and once the tubes are filled, simply wrap them in tissue paper or wax paper, and decorate. Tie up the ends with a little ribbon and you're done!

We'll enjoy dinner with a little Irish music in the background, then head outdoors to look for that pot o' gold. It's all about celebrating home & family...and making memories (even if they make us giggle!) along the way.

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