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Thursday, March 7

last blast of winter?

The winter has been long here, and downright bone-chilling some days. But now that it's March, soon enough, the winds howling across the fields will slacken, warm, and there will be sunshine and the first hints of green. We'll tentatively open a window and take in the sweet aroma of a new season.

But until then, it's good to revisit some of our wintertime memories. As cold has the season has been, it was certainly filled with snowy fun!

The sledding hill...ready for some fun!

First run down the hill...
Whee ha!!

Walking back up is always less fun than sledding down.

Now THIS is the way to go up a hill!

I love the Stillmeadow books by Gladys Taber...they're all about country life, simple things, the changing seasons, and her experiences of living in an old farmhouse. 

This quote is by her, and seems to sum up our past winter season...

“We need time to dream,
time to remember,
 and time to reach the infinite.
Time to be.”
-Gladys Taber


  1. Fantastic photos ! It is spring like here , mild temps sunny now but wet snow then rain earlier ! I have never read any of her books , I think I will look out for them here as they sound wonderful ! Have a great day !

    1. The books are super...she has a wonderful way with words. They're out of print though...try your library, they can find them for you!

  2. What wonderful memories...the pics just capture so much. If we could love the snow like kids...by the way, that big tomatoe on the side looks yummy! Come Spring and Summer...Blessings!

    1. Agreed...I'm always cold this time of year, but the kids never seem to be! I do love the snow though...and a warm fire. Before we know it, it'll be tomato time again...garden-fresh just tastes the best! -Mary

  3. Fun and beautiful times! I'm with you.. kind of hoping we've seen our last blast. What a ride it has been.. lol! Love the pictures :) -Tammy

    1. Crazy as it sounds, I'm hoping for just one more big snow! I love having the fire going, mugs of hot cocoa, and making snow ice cream. Truly though...I just want to postpone the yard work I know is coming!


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