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Wednesday, October 3

rainy day barns...

It's a rainy day in the Midwest, and that means "check beehive" has been moved to another day's to-do list.

However, the rain didn't keep me from capturing photos of old wooden barns along the nearby country roads. "Real" barns...not manufactured and delivered, not shiny & new, but barns with history, barns with heart. 

If only they could talk.

This barn, situated on a state route, was most recently a tanning salon...imagine!
What I love is the glass addition to the left...it could be a wonderful greenhouse.

The cupola atop the barn has windows that would have let light in and allowed hot air to escape.
It is certainly an elegant reminder of our heritage.
The weather vane, along with several lightning rods, caught my eyes as well.

This barn, with it's rounded roof, sits alongside a very old brick farmhouse on a winding country road.

Behind the barn, silos & grain bins can be seen. To the barn's left, yet out of sight, is another very large barn.
This must have been quite a busy homestead when it was a full-time farm.
Why did I spent part of a rainy morning photographing barns?

Well, it seems these barns, so full of history & American heritage, are becoming things of the past. Before I saw another one torn down, or drove by the burning remains of what once was, I wanted to capture all of them that I could.

As I've said in the past, while the thought is sad, I fear that these vanishing landmarks will soon exist only through photography.
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