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Wednesday, October 10

fall magic...

The days are crisp now and the colors glorious. Bittersweet tangles over old wooden fences, the scent of woodsmoke is in the air each evening, and fields are covered with burgundy, gold, and russet leaves. This magical time of year has always been my favorite season, and I continue to be astonished by it's beauty.

The temperatures are below normal this fall, making us wonder if winter will be harsh. So amid the fun of hanging bunches of Indian corn, setting out arrangements of mums, and carving pumpkins, we're stacking firewood, bundling up the chicken coop, and reading up on how to keep the beehive warm & snug during its first winter on the farm.

October is a time of harvest...the fields of corn and soybeans that once surround our home have been removed, and our own garden has been put to bed for winter. Except; however, for two prolific pepper plants which continue to shower us with their bounty...I just couldn't pull them up yet! It's a time for tucking away baskets of potatoes in the root cellar and stocking up on needfuls for the winter days ahead. We feel an old-fashioned stirring that it's best to be ready for cold and snowy weather.

Apples are plentiful at the local farmers' markets, and in country kitchens everywhere, October means apple butter, jams & jellies are being put up for winter. Two of our favorites from the farmers' market are Dutch Apple Jam and Apple-Cinnamon Jelly...they are so good spread on warm rolls, buttery biscuits, or just-baked bread.

Yes, these clear October days are worth enjoying to the fullest. It's a fine time to walk a country road, bike thorough fallen leaves, or simply putter outside. These days are made for warming the heart when winter's chill arrives.

As I've heard, "Life is a series of memories..." so let's fill October with the best memories possible.

~fetch a plump pumpkin and give it a cheery grin
~take a walk, a  hayride, a Sunday drive and enjoy the brilliant trees
~rake all the leaves in your yard...then jump in them!
~visit a local orchard or farmstand...bring home a basket of juicy apples
~sit by the fire and read
~travel the back roads
~put extra quilts on the bed
~make s'mores around a campfire & tell stories
~laugh, make memories, enjoy every minute...


  1. You just wonderfully described fall here for us ! Lovely photo ! Have a cozy day !

    1. Country Gal, it's a good day to stay cozy...it was 27 degrees yesterday morning...brrr! Hope you're enjoying the beautiful colors, too.

  2. The last time I jumped in a pile of leaves was a few years ago. We were raking leaves in my father-in-law's yard... huge, crisp orange giant piles! As I raked, I thought, "Remember how much fun it is to jump in there?" So I dropped my rake, backed up, took a running leap... and forgot that there was concrete driveway underneath. You know how in cartoons, the dog gets hit in the head and his eyes go all googly and stars circle round his head while birds chirp? That was me. I crashed through the leaves, sat down HARD and jammed my back. EMBARRASSING. And painful. And a reminder that sadly, I'm not 8 years old anymore! :)

    1. Kris, you are still as funny as ever! I can see this in my head...sorry, though, you probably were more than a bit sore afterward. As for me...no jumping here, I simply roll into the pile with the kids, and hope they don't land on me! Great to hear from you, Mary


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