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Monday, June 11

old barns...

This old barn is the most recent to catch my eye. It sits next to an empty farmhouse that looks as if it was a lovely home once upon a time. A large two-story house with loads of character...tall windows and two separate, yet side-by-side front doors. It's the kind of place I'd love to take a peek inside; however, a very large, very impressive "No Trespassing" sign keeps me in line.

Back to the barn...with bees in my bonnet lately, what really caught my eye are the stacks & stacks of white bee supers in the lower right corner...see them?

It makes me wonder what the old homestead was once like...with a barn this size and the others behind it, this must have been a busy, thriving farm in its day. For me, it's sad to see these empty homes & barns...I find it hard to believe there wasn't anyone in the family who wanted to claim it.

Yep...I have a soft spot for old barns, old houses, old things, old ways. Some might think I'm out of step with the goals and ideals of the modern world. That's okay...
I couldn't agree more with the quote below.

"For my part,
I'd rather admire the
ample barns of one
of our opulent farmers...
than study the dimensions
of the temple of Ceres."

-Hector De Crevecoeur 


  1. So true ! I to love old barns , farmhouses and buildings. I to find it a shame that no one has kept them alive . The history in these places if they could only talk . Wonderful photo and post . Have a good day !

  2. There's a very old long-empty farmhouse I drive by occasionally that's missing 80% of its roof... it leans VERY precariously to the left, and one good wind this summer will take it to the ground. All that seems to be holding it up are two porch posts. I always feel kind of sad when I see it and hope that someone was once very proud of her little home.


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