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Tuesday, June 19

another barn...

As I continue trying to capture old barns, this is my newest find...

Sure, she needs some TLC; however, to me, she's still a beauty. I love her cupolas and upper windows, and off to the side her silos are still standing tall and proud. 

Not only is she still in constant use on this large farm, but if you listen closely, you just might hear the laughter of children...sure to be found in the hayloft having the time of their lives!

Whenever we see these old wooden barns, they are a continuing reminder to us of our agricultural roots where history still holds strong. I can't help but slow down to ponder their past...and, if I'm very lucky, capture and preserve their images on my camera.


  1. I love old barns. My grandfather's long ago barn still smells of hay in my memories.

  2. These old barns are so important in remembering and preserving our history. Love this one!

  3. A pretty large barn, and with classic lines. Richard

  4. Absolutely! These old barns are becoming a thing of the past. Sure there are new barns being built but they do not hold the character of the old 100 year plus wooden barns that are so much a piece of the working farm. We have many here but lose them to wind or snow because they are so old and no one is keeping them up. It is so sad - capturing them in pictures is the only way to make sure that we keep them around for the next generation to see.

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