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Friday, February 10

stitching up some love!

There's still time to stitch some handmade gifts for Valentine's Day...these will be ready in no time!

This sweet garland was a gift from Little Man's teacher...she's so thoughtful! Strips of felt become hearts with a simple straight stitch across one end. Then, by turning it inside out and stitching the other end, a heart appears. Slipped on a length of thread along with fluffy pompoms and cheery ribbon, the garland makes for a heartfelt greeting across a door, mantel, or as a runner down the center of a table. Thanks a bunch, Mrs. N!

I made the heart pockets years ago when I was first learning to blanket-stitch (so don't look too closely!)
I cut out felt hearts, then blanket-stitched around the edges...being sure to leave the top open. After adding a bit of chenille rick-rack, vintage buttons, and a few hand-stitched X's and O's, they were ready. Each year they're filled with a variety of favorite candy for the kids, and of course my hubby.

Even old scraps can be turned into something special. Small pieces of a worn quilt become a gift that's sure to be handed down. Cut the fabric into hearts, stitch along the edges, leaving room to stuff the heart with batting, then stitch closed and sew a button in the center.

There's a snow coming, and temps will be quite chilly this weekend, so it's a perfect time to celebrate
Home, Sweet, Home. Let's bring back the days when lovely Valentine memories were made from paper,
lace, crayons, glue, and imagination!
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