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Monday, September 26

a rainy day...

Today is one of those rainy days...not a downpour, no lightning and thunder, simply a gentle, all-day rain.

too wet to garden...

   too wet to till...

too wet to weed...


         it's PERFECT for puddle jumping!

The kids will be home soon and I'm sure they'll agree...some puddle jumping, followed by a bowl of warm soup and homemade bread makes it a "perfect" day. After all, it's all about perspective; isn't it?

So put on your boots and jump in some puddles too...we're never too old for those simple joys.

And since it's Monday, don't miss all the farmhouse fun...I'm linking up to:

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  1. Same weather here--chicken noodle soup and cinnamon rolls.

  2. Margaret you read my mind...we DID have chicken noodle soup for dinner. Sometimes it's the only thing that seems right on a rainy day...that, and an early night!

  3. We are due for rain tonight. I can't imagine puddle jumping in my pajamas! :)

    Have a lovely evening

    Mrs Georgina

  4. That really does sound like a wonderful evening for the kids! Hope you joined them with the puddle jumping.


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