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Wednesday, September 14

kid-size gardens...

This year Sweet Girl and Little Man wanted to have their own little gardens. So we added a couple of 4x4 raised beds to our vegetable garden and let them plant whatever their hearts desired.

Sweet Girl chose zinnias in every shade of pink, orange, yellow, and purple...

while Little Man had bold, yellow sunflowers (some grew to 10 feet tall!)...

along with some yummy watermelon!

Sure, it was educational to have them read seed packets, then plant & tend their own little gardens, but what was the most exciting was to see them enjoy watching THEIR gardens grow! Picking flowers to give to Grandma and biting into that first slice of  juicy watermelon was the best!

Now as we enjoy the welcome coolness of sweet September, and are harvesting the bounty of our garden, the kids are already talking about what they want to plant next year. I can't wait to see what they dream up!


  1. What a success...on so many levels!

  2. Mary, Mary,
    Tell little man that I love, love his sun flowers :^)
    And Sweet Girls flowers are Beautifu!!


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