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Wednesday, December 1

'tis the season to believe...

A dusting of snow, briskly blowing wind, and delicate patterns of frost on the windowpanes. Deer are feeding in the fields close to our home...it's now December, and soon it will be Christmas.

Although there's a bit of sleet hitting the windows, we hardly notice it as we enjoy the warmth from a crackling fire and hear a kettle singing on the stove. It's a good day to stay indoors, retrieve presents from their hiding places and begin the fun of wrapping. With Christmas music in the background,
the scent of a fresh-cut balsam tree, and wrapping paper close at hand...we're all set.

Or so I think...
no cat alive can resist chasing ribbons, ruffling tissue paper, or sneaking inside gift bags. And soon the kittens, who were earlier settled in for a morning nap, are racing around the room in a flurry of activity. I remember one year our cat, Zoey, slipped inside a bag and then decided she wanted out. As I was trying to help, she was soon out of my grasp and ran around the house in circles trying desperately to get the bag off.

It was useless...she'd put her head through the bag's handle, and the faster she ran, the more noise the bag made...causing her to run even faster! After several minutes she stopped to catch her breath, giving us just enough time to set her free. I admit, it was a bit funny to watch, but I'm sure she didn't think so.

Oh well, as they say, 'tis the season for animals, too! And in that spirit, the kids will make birdseed ornaments to hang on outside trees, plan special meals for our animals, and leave carrots and water for the reindeer.

It's a time of readying for Christmas...shopping, planning,
baking, secrets & surprises. They're all a part of the joy of the holiday season.

Yes, Christmas is coming...peace and joy to one and all.


  1. Even if I did mind the snow, it certainly makes this time of year more magical. Luckily, I don't, bring it on, please!

    There is a special appeal about swirling snowflakes just outside the window while preparing for the most wonderful time of the year inside, unless perhaps if you're a cat. : )


  2. I so love this time of year too. Your cat story is so familiar. I can see her running around with that bag. One time ours got a bow stuck to her foot and she went nuts. It was so funny. Peace and joy to you :)

  3. That is a beautiful photo of the wreath with the snow and mittens, Mary. Twenty-five years ago, I got on a antique-mitten kick, and collected bunches of old pairs to hang on our fireplace mantle at Christmas-time. I finally got tired of looking at them after so many winters and stuck them away... your picture makes me want to dig them out again. (Hope the moths haven't munched them!)


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