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Thursday, December 9

keeping it simple...

The season's joys are as plentiful as an overstuffed Christmas stocking. We've had snow here in the Midwest for several  days now. It's the kind of snow that falls gently all day long and everything is covered with a delicate powder. The pine
needles are even tipped with a bit of an icy glaze, and look like prisms on a sparkling chandelier.

As we know, December is a month of intense activity. Sweet Girl's Christmas program at school was last night, Friday is our church Christmas social, Secret Santa shopping is Friday as well, with school parties and get-togethers with friends next week.

However, with all this activity, we have a tendency to want to slow down and enjoy this quiet time of rest from the endless to-do list of warm-weather projects. This past Sunday a friend and I were talking about Christmas decorations, and we both agreed we were keeping it simple so we could really enjoy the season.

For us that means fresh greenery on the mantels & swags on the doors, sweetly scented candles, a fragrant tree covered with treasured ornaments, and a crackling fire. I want the kids to come inside after building a snowman or snow fort and find a cozy kitchen where they can sample freshly-baked cookies and warm up with mugs of chocolatey cocoa. We look forward to camping out under the Christmas tree where we giggle and talk long into the night before falling asleep under it's twinkling lights.

handmade ornaments

a centerpiece of fruit & greenery in a favorite bowl

a hand-crafted Advent calendar made by a dear friend

It really is the simple things in life that matter...and that's what we'll be trying to focus on as we celebrate this special time of year.

On the agenda for next week...cooking baking! Yay!
We are a cookie-loving family, they disappear in no time.
And because of this, I plan carefully...if I do the baking too soon, the goose won't be the only one who gets fat!

Wishing you Christmas cheer!


  1. What a wonderful picture of the snow on your decorations...I wish we had some here in our part of Kansas. I really like your decorating...I can almost smell that bowl of goodies! It certainly is a busy time of year but it's a labor of love isn't it! Enjoy your Friday.
    Maura :)

  2. As a fellow Midwest girl I know the type of snow your talking about. It's my favorite kind. It makes everything so pretty and quiet. It's amazing. Were bracing ourselves for more snow later today followed by cold temps. Will you be "enjoying" the same.

    I really like your decorations. All the natural elements look so amazing together!

  3. That snow picture is so pretty. I bet it has been a wonderful holiday week for you all. I love that simple bowl center piece too--what a great idea. I’m going to borrow that one for my Christmas part :)
    Enjoy your weekend,

  4. Beautiful pictures and words. Sounds divine. We also sleep neath the tree. Having a snow delay and crafting right now (as I sneak a cookie for breakfast)!
    EnJoY your Christmas!

  5. That was so fun to read your blog! And your wedding picture . . . that's exactly how I remember you. (Actually, that only makes sense since it's the last time I saw you!) So fun to catch up. Your midwestern way of like feels like a breath of fresh air. Literally.
    Anytime you wanna come to the beach, you are welcome to stay here.


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