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Monday, July 12

sun-drenched July...

Here in the Midwest we are in the absolute heat of summer with temperatures in the mid 90's. Although hot and humid, we find we can survive the heat because our windowsills are filled with garden-fresh tomatoes and our gathering baskets overflow with new potatoes, green beans, and onions.

The growing season has been good, and the rich farmland
 around us has produced field corn 8 to 9 feet tall
(forget the old saying, "Knee high by the 4th of July!")

Saturday's farmers' market was bursting with the bounty of the season. I stared like a kid in a candy store at stands filled with baskets of plump blueberries and sweet cherries. Next were bunches of carrots, radishes and beets arranged neatly together alongside rows of large candy onions. I lingered as I passed all varieties of mouth-watering pies, fresh bread and rolls, and the season's first sweet corn. I found some just-baked Amish Fry Pies (some people call them hand pies) and those were definitely coming home with me!

Our county fair will be soon, and for us, it's one of the biggest joys of living in a small town! We love seeing all the animals, riding the rides, sampling the food, and joining in a friendly competition to see who really bakes the best apple pie. We're small town, and we like it that way. Folks know each other by name...it's one of the joys of living here with so many nice people.

July is rich from start to finish. The breezes are warm, but cooled by delphinium blue skies. There is much to do, but much to enjoy...yes, life is good.


  1. I really miss the fair. We've not found one around here to equal it, even regional fairs.

  2. Life IS good and I need to find myself some of those pies, pronto!

  3. You make it sound like a dream....oh how I miss those days of my youth in Missouri. Now, in Dallas, all we have is REALLY HOT and not much pretty outside. Thanks for letting me live vicariously!


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