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Monday, July 19

pioneer day celebration...

Our family loves history, and so this week we'll be celebrating Pioneer Day! While Pioneer Day is officially July 24, we like to spend the week leading up to it doing something fun each day. We'll play pioneer games, listen to music of the time, and cook recipes over the tripod outside or in the tin kitchen by the fireplace. I'll definitely wear my pioneer dress and pinafore
apron to get into the spirit!

It's a good time to reflect on what our ancestors sacrificed and left behind, talk with our children about the unknown road that was ahead of the pioneers...the joys, along with the dangers and sadness they experienced. They have left us an example to follow, and we are grateful for that. Amid all the fun, it's the faith, courage, and strength of the pioneers that we hope to teach our children as we celebrate this week.
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