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Thursday, June 17

berry season...

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

well, for strawberry lovers it is! We'll be enjoying ours with homemade shortcake and real whipped topping. Not that
store-bought doesn't have its place, but for just-picked berries,
there's nothing better than homemade.

If you haven't tried making whipped topping before, it's really quick & easy. Simply pour a pint of heavy whipping cream into a chilled bowl and whisk until the cream thickens; add sugar and vanilla extract to taste. That's it!

Tomorrow we'll have black raspberries for dessert, and the kids want to pick mulberries off the tree. I'm thinking it's time to make Amish Fry Pies. Yum!


  1. Definitely real whipped topping, no edible oil products, please!!

    I love berries, of all kinds and we're slowly integrating them into our yard. We're preparing our strawberry patch this weekend, with dreams of oodles of our own strawberries next year to help us get through all the hard work involved now. : )

    Amish Fry Pies? Haven't heard of those before.

  2. I miss being able to go out and pick blackberries. But our strawberries and raspberries do very well, so I'll have to be satisfied with those.

  3. OOOO, Mary! There's nothing, and I mean NOTHING I like more than black raspberries... unless it's real whipped cream!

    My grandpa grew black raspberries and it was a real treat to go back to the hidden part of the garden and eat them right off the vines. I'm sure he felt blessed every time we went home and left a few in the patch for him and Grandma!

    A couple of year ago, I went to our local farmers' market and there was a little boy selling $1 paper cups of black raspberries; I bought every cup he had -- he was so tickled and I was happier than a clam.


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