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Wednesday, February 10

enough time...

The kettle is steaming gently on the stove and I've tossed several pieces of wood into the fire. It's so nice having a fireplace in the kitchen...everyone seems to gather here to keep me company when I'm cooking. On this frosty February morning I'm baking cinnamon rolls, and the aroma has pulled kids from the blissful warmth of flannel sheets and cozy quilts. Paired with a glass of
icy milk, ooey-gooey homemade rolls are a good way for sleepyheads to begin the day.

With yesterday's snowstorm, we have several more inches of snow on the ground, school has been cancelled again, and it seems as if our little farm is in a deep sleep.  It's the rare day when, for once, there seems to be enough time. Delighting in it, it's a day for snowmen and snow tunnels, hot cocoa and homebaked cookies, watching old movies and popping popcorn. It's a day when there is plenty of time for making sweet memories and enjoying every minute.


cupcake studio said...

Oh man...wish I wasn't snowed in...those cinnamon rolls sound heavenly!

Unknown said...

Enjoy! We have a kitchen fireplace too...it makes the coziest room in the house, even cozier.

Be well ~Andrea~

Rine Family said...

Mary, You are the best mom ever!! Your little ones will have such wonderful memories of their childhood. What a blessing that will be when they have children of their own. you are a dear.. Your childern are sooo blessed to have you as their mom.

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