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Friday, February 5

how to "guarantee" an early dismissal!

Okay, so we know the secret to achieving a snow day from an earlier post. Now, when you're in elementary school, this is a very big deal. So, with the announcement from the weather radio of a Winter Weather Warning and the possibility of 10 to 14  inches of snow, the idea of a snow day was making the kids very excited! Snowmen, snowball fights, sledding, snow ice cream...the ideas were tossed out with abandon.

Fast forward to bedtime and we're all tucked in.
"Oh no, we forgot to do the Snow Dance!" Well...maybe not.
"Can we put our jammies on backward and dance on the bed?" was the question. And to squeals of delight, that's exactly
what we did.

So...did it work? Well, I just received a call that afternoon kindergarten is cancelled and school will dismiss
2 hours early. Yay! Bring on the snow...we can't wait!

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Unknown said...

Lucky you!!! I am desperately wishing for snow, at this point I'm ready to forgo the snow day. Although it sure would be nice. : )

Be well ~Andrea~

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