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Sunday, April 5

our weekend...

Yesterday was a buzz of activity...a sunshiny day filled with the sounds of a rumbling mower, the fragrance of freshly-cut grass, and toe-tapping Glenn Miller tunes were filling the air while I weeded gardens and raked leaves. The kids stretched their legs by taking a walk down to a nearby horse farm and came back with this...awww, it warmed my heart. 

Compared to Saturday, today is a quiet day...the sky is cloudy with a drizzle of rain. It's a day that begs us to curl up, read, and be together. A day of rest that we all need.

Many years ago someone said to me, "Atmosphere is everything!"  And I laughed about it...really?  So many other things to be focused on...atmosphere? Well, she was a bit over-the-top, so I brushed it off and rolled my eyes,...atmosphere? Pshaw! 

Well, maybe she wasn't all wrong...lavish, over-the-top isn't my style, but through the years I have started to focus on the peaceful effect of atmosphere. So today, after chores and before kids were up, I started a fire, lit some candles, turned on classical music, and put an apple & cinnamon danish in the oven to bake. When everyone is awake, I want this old farmhouse to feel warm, cozy, safe.

It helps, during this time when we're all hunkered down, that we have room to roam, gardens to weed, acres to mow...it keeps the mind and body active. Of course kids are busy with schoolwork, but getting outside, hearing the birds sing, watching the farmers prepare for planting, and waving to neighbors is good for the heart.

For me, there is also comfort in the quiet shadows...either early or late. The sun rising on the start of a brand new day, or setting at the end of a day completed...

And here's a new shadow...
a 1950 Hotpoint stove.

You can call me crazy, but even THIS brings me comfort. Yep, she barely fits, and when I get a kitchen re-do some day, she'll be the happy centerpiece. When our oven quit last week, I was on the lookout for a double oven...while this wasn't what I had in mind, she was meant to be.  I'll tell you more in my next post.

A friend told me, just like vintage campers, vintage stoves need names too...hmmm, wonder what I'll be brainstorming today?  Any suggestions?!

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