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Monday, August 19

more prim...

I made another visit to one of my favorite shops, (the one with all the great prim/high country furnishings) so I thought I'd share a few more photos for inspiration!

It's called The Seraph and you can find their website here...

Did I come home with anything, yep...I'm swapping out the brass ceiling lights in a couple of rooms for something more old-fashioned; like the one in this last photo.

Now of course, I love my modern conveniences, after all, the internet is allowing me to visit with you now. But at the same time, I love the feel of this decorating style...it reminds me of the past when simple pleasures seemed to mean a little more. A time of unplugged play, home-cooked meals, and laundry snapping on the clothesline. Yes, of course a time of hard work, but also a feeling of satisfaction looking back on the accomplishments of the day.  A handmade life. 

I'm ready to start making some changes in each room...something that will keep me busy when our daughter leaves for college this weekend.

Someone told me it was a "good heartache."


That will be another (teary) post.

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