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Monday, July 1

scorching summer days...

It's been in the 90's for the last several days...scorching hot and humid. Oh, I am an autumn and winter girl, this heat always does me in.

The daily plan? 

Up early, out while there's still shade, then inside until evening. 

Goats, chickens, our trusty guard dog, barn cats, our garden, and flowers are given lots of fresh water, and even though it's too hot for me, it's perfect weather for sun-dried sheets and enjoying fresh berries.

Our daughter is coming home Friday after a month of studying at a ballet school...I'm tidying up and will be shopping for her favorite foods. And in this heat, it's definitely time for homemade ice cream! I'll share the recipe next time...triple chocolate, oh-my!

Today's post is short; like all of you...lots to do, time is flying, but so much to love and enjoy!

Happy Monday, friends!

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